Create an IMPACT database

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IMPACT Server SQL is not publicly available so you'll need to contact the support to get a download link.

New database

New IMPACT databases are created with the help of IMPACT Server SQL. Start the application and select the option to create a new database and press next to continue.

IMPACT Server Sql.png

Figure1: IMPACT Server SQL - Create a new database

Database information

Under the tab database, shown in figure 2, we have database options to configure. The marked rows are perhaps more important and should be reviewed more carefully. 

  1. Enter a user account that will be the owner of the new IMPACT database. 
  2. Enter a name for your IMPACT database here.  
  3. Select the server instance you want to use (probably the one previously created).

IMPACT Server Sql 2.png

Figure 2: IMPACT Server SQL - Database tab


Under the tab Users you can create user accounts. This is optional as it can be configured later in IMPACT User Admin.


Figure 3: Users tab


IMPACT requires 4 file directories to store system files. Enter the path for each folder in the input fields. They will automatically be created if they doesn't exist. These folders must be shared among all IMPACT users (this is covered later on). 


Figure 4: Folders tab

When all information is written, click next and proceed with the installation. When the installation is complete, open "Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio" and verify that the database is there.


Figure 5: The created database is highlighted.

Continue with the installation: Install web services!

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