The IMPACT FileSync can be used to sync drawing files between different offices or consultant agencies.


  • File Storage on the Main Office for storing IMPACT Files
  • File Storage on the Branch Office for storing IMPACT Files
  • Cloud File Storage utilized by the IMPACT WebAPI to store synchronized files.

Installation Scheme

File Sync.png

Note that files on the Cloud File Storage are only used by the IMPACT WebAPI internally and not directly accessible by the user.



Download the IMPACT Service Configuration Tool using StruSoft Installer and start the application.


Click on Cloud File Storage to set up a storage provider.


Set up a cloud storage provider of your choice and press OK.

The Cloud File Storage provider could either be a self-hosted FTP (such as FileZilla), Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage or a Google Cloud Storage.


Click Deploy to deploy a WebAPI with the new cloud file storage settings.

IMPACT users should now be able to sync project files using IMPACT Project Manager.

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