Install BricsCAD

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When BricsCAD has been installed and launched, it will only have the BricsCAD menus. 


After the Installation, it is time to install the IMPACT modules to use them. IMPACT for BricsCAD & Reinforcement for BricsCAD are found in the StruSoft Installer. 


Once these are installed, it is time to run IMPACT for BricsCAD Modules in order to get them in the BricsCAD menu. This is not the case for Reinforcement for BricsCAD. However, IMPACT for BricsCAD Modules only works if the admin is the user on the client. If this is not the case, another way of installing the menus is shown in the chapter An alternative way of installing the menus.


When IMPACT for BricsCAD Modules is launched, press ok and proceed. 


The final menu in BricsCAD should look like this. 


If Reinforcement for BricsCAD is not installed you can also run IMPACT Reinforcement Configuration Tool for BricsCAD.


You can always unload and load the ribbons again by typing CUILOAD in BricsCAD.


An alternative way of installing the menus

If you are not logged in as the admin on your client, you cannot run IMPACT for BricsCAD Modules. In that case, you need to manually move the BricsCAD files to the correct folder. 

The files that should be copied are located at ...\Program Files\StruSoft\IMPACT 15\IMPACT for BricsCAD\ApplicationPlugins\IMPACTforBricsCAD.bundle\Contents


The files should then be placed at ...\AppData\Roaming\StruSoft\IMPACT 15\IMPACT for BricsCAD\Menubar


The search path can be check so everything is correctly displayed. Those are found in BricsCAD when you type options -> Program options -> Files -> To the very right of the search path of Support file search path. 


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