Install SQL Server

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Microsoft SQL Server is available in different editions where functionality varies slightly depending on the price tag. You can read about these different editions here. We recommend that you at least use the standard version. Unlike the Express version, it has no significant limitations that could affect the performance of IMPACT. For supported versions please refer to StruSoft installer.

It is possible to purchase SQL server standard edition through us at a reduced price, against the restriction that it can only be used with IMPACT and no other software. Please visit to find your local IMPACT provider for consultation. 


This chapter will guide you through the installation of MS SQL Server. 

Installation packages:

Documentation from Microsoft:

Configure the firewall to allow access

Allow traffic through the firewall:

The default ports that are used for IMPACT are listed below

  • 1433 - allows communication between Web API and SQL database (TCP)
  • 1434 - allows communication between Web API and SQL database (UDP)
  • 81 - allows communication between client, Web API and Open ID (TCP)
  • 8090 - used to access the web interface for the license server (TCP) 
  • 55555 - used for accessing licenses (TCP)
  • 27000-27009 used for accessing licenses (TCP)

Configure server authentication

To make it possible for IMPACT to communicate with the database through our web services (API and security server), the SQL server must allow SQL server authentication. This can be configured in SSMS (SQL server management studio) as shown in figure 1 and 2.

SQL server properties.png

Figure1: Server properties


Figure 2: Server properties - Server Authentication mode

Continue with the installation: Create an IMPACT database!