Map shared network drive

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To avoid dealing with long search paths that can easily be mistyped, we recommend mapping the search path to a drive letter. IMPACTs working folders then become easier to access.

Map network drive

Start by finding the network path to the shared folder and copy it, in this example, the shared directory is \\Impactserv2016\Impact (figure 1).


Figure 1: Path to the shared folder

Map it to a drive letter by opening This PC (figure 2, 1) in Windows Explorer. Click the tab Computer(figure 2, 2)  and then chose the command to Map network drive (figure 2, 3-4)


Figure 2: Map network drive

Select drive and folder

Select a Drive letter (figure 3, 1) that is not occupied. In this case, we're using J:.  Next, paste the search path you copied before to the Folder (figure 3, 2) and proceed by clicking Finish (figure 3, 3).


Figure 3: Select drive letter and folder

Test the new drive

The folder should now be mapped to the drive of your choice. Access it by typing the drive letter (J: for us) in Windows Explorer (figure 4, 1) or by clicking on the drive icon shortcut that has been created (figure 4, 2).


Figure 4: New network drive

Continue with the installation: Configure a licence source!