Migrating an IMPACT Database to a new version

Last modified by Peter Karlsson on 2023/01/16 12:45

Migrating an IMPACT Database to a new version is done in the IMPACT Service Configuration and are using the "Migration System Credentials" and the "Migration System".

IMPORTANT: Take a backup of the SQL Database before starting the migration

NOTE: The information under Database Connection, Web API Credentials & Web API should also be filled in because the migration will be performed during the deployment of the Web API. How to fill in the information correctly can be found here.



Figure 1: Migration System Credentials & Migration System in IMPACT Server Configuration

The "Migration user" that will be used to do the migration is a login in the SQL Server and needs full access to the database instance. The reason that the user needs full access is that the migration modifies the IMPACT Database by adding new tables to the IMPACT Database.

Make sure that this user has the extended database role that you can require a script from StruSoft about.

Mark Enable Migration under Migration System and enter the Migration Key. The Migration Key is a password so not everyone can start a migration - This Key will be applied when migrating from IMPACT 16 to 17 and should be used when migrating to future IMPACT versions. So keep it safe.

If this Key should get lost can it be found in the IMPACT Database under the table called [system].[DATABASE_VARIABLE]


Figure 2: Migration Key in the IMPACT Database

When the things have been set click on Deploy at the top to start the migration


Figure 3: Migrating in IMPACT Server Configuration

The first thing that will show is a warning - Only click Yes to this warning if a backup of the IMPACT Database has been taken.


Figure 4: Migrating warning in IMPACT Server Configuration

After some time will the migration and deployment be done and the IMPACT Database is ready to use IMPACT 17.


Figure 5: Migrating & deploying were successful