Set up a file share

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The 4 working folders created in one of the previous steps should be shared so they become accessible to all intended IMPACT users. This article will cover how to share the parent folder with everyone in within the local network. If your company and it-environment support active directory, you might want to go with that approach instead.

Share the folder

Locate the parent folder in windows explorer, select it and open up the share options (figure 1).

Share the files.png

Figure 1: Open file sharing options for the parent folder

Choose to share the file with specific people or everyone. When one alternative is picked, you can change their permissions from read-only to read/write (figure 2)Click share to proceed. 

Share the files 2.png

Figure 2: Chose whom to share the folder with

The folder is shared and you should see a confirmation dialog (figure 3). 

folders shared.png
Figure 3: Confirmation dialog

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