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Reinforcement Group

Reinforcement Group is a shape of reinforcement stirrups that can be defined in IMPACT software. In this chapter we will go through the steps of defining a Reinforcement Group in IMPACT and the parameters that we need to check in order to have a correct result on the shop drawings.


As with all predifined material in IMPACT, when selecting the "Reinforcement Group..." tab, the following window pops up, where we need to create a new reinforcement group while naming and describing it to our preference.


Figure 2: New definition of Reinforcement Group.

After pressing OK, the following window appears, where we need ot press "Configure..." and start defining our reinforcement group properties.


Figure 3: Confogure a new reinforcement group.


The following window illustrates all the properties of the stirrups and straight bars that need to be defined in IMPACT.


Figure 4: Properties of reinforcement group

As it is obvious, there are 2 sub windows, where we can define the stirrups and the straight bars and the small one on the bottom where the insertion point of the reinforcement group can be selected.


First thing that needs to be defined in the Stirrup tab is the shape code of the reinforcement. There are many shape codes in IMPACT software that already are defined and of course there is the possibility to add extra on the Reinforcement module of IMPACT. For the sake of the example we will select N as the shape code for this reinforcement group.


Second step is that either there is an already predifined Barmark in the software, or you can select "none" and define a new one as shown in the following figure. The big picture on the right of the window shows al the changes that are made to the reinforcement group. 



Figure 5: Stirrup window properties.

Straight Bars

Next step is to define the size, quality and placement of the straight bars of the reinforcement group as shown in the following picture.


Figure 6: Straight Bar window properties.

In the following gif a quick manipulation of all the parameters is given.


GIF 1. Different manipulations in the Configure tab.

Insertion Point

As last step, we can add the insertion point. We select the bottom center and the X and Y direction to 0.

After setting up our stirrups, straight bars and the inserion point, the reinforcement goup tab is updated automatically and look as in the following picture.


Figure 7: Reinforcement group updated.

By selecting MTO: "By Group entity", you make sure that the reinforcement group is going to be included on the "View line up", as illustrated in fig. 1. The other option MTO: "By Group component", does not show the reinforcement group on "View Line up".

Combination of Stirrups

There is always the possibility to right click on the defined stirrup and select properties instead of configure, if you only need to change the stirrup . By selecting the "New" option, you can make a combination of stirrups on the same reinforcement group definiton. The following gif will illustrate the different possibilities of using right click.

IMPORTANT: When making a stirrup combination, then you can not use the "Configure" command and you need to use right click and select the "Properties" seperately in order to redirect your stirrups (see following gif).


GIF 2.Combination of stirrups