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In the right side of the building, there is a hole in the floor where the beam and columns should be placed. When we drew the beam and columns, we did so only on the left side. The elements on the right side should be identical, thus we can use the Copy/Move Element command. 

copy 1.png

Figure 1. No beam and columns on the right side.

Open 'Level 1'.

Go to IMPACT - Tools - Copy/Move Element to start the command.

Select the beam and columns from the left side. Continue with 'Finish'. Change the option to 'Copy Elements' (1) and click on 'Pick points' (2).

Copy 2.png

Figure 2. Copy/Move Element dialog.

Select a base point and an end point. A good point to use is one of the corners of the columns in the external reference. End the selection with ECS.

Copy selection.gif

Figure 3. Select base point and end point.

The x-value is set to 20385mm. End the command with 'OK'.

copy 3.png

Figure 4. End the command.

The beam and columns are now added to right side of the model. Save them to the database.

Go to IMPACT - Elements - Save Beams to start the command. 

Select the beam and continue with the 'ECS' key. End with 'Save'.

beam - edit save.png

Figure 5. Save beam.

Go to IMPACT - Elements - Save Columns to start the command. 

Select the column and continue with the 'ECS' key. End with 'Save'.

copy save col.png

Figure 6. Save columns.

copy res.png

Figure 7. Beam and columns added to the right side of the building.

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