Add gridlines

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When working with 3D models, it is useful to have a set of gridlines to navigate around. To know where to draw the gridlines, we need some references. 

To create gridlines we must be on a plan drawing. Open level 1.

Go to Insert - Link - Link CAD to import the DWG reference. 

Link cad.png

Figure 1. Import DWG reference

Find the file 'System_Lines.dwg' in the 'Common drawings' folder in the project. Find it by right clicking on 'Drawings' in the IMPACT Project Manager project browser and click 'Open Folder'. Copy the search path and paste it into the 'Link CAD' dialog in Revit to navigate to the correct folder. 

common drawings.png

Figure 2. Common drawing folder in the project. 

To make sure that the scale is ok, change the 'Import units' to 'millimeter'. Finish with 'Open'.

Link cad 2.png

Figure 3. Link the file and change the units.

The external reference will appear in the plan drawing. The next step is to create the gridlines in Revit. 

Go to Structure - Datum - Grid.

start grid command.png

Figure 4. Grid command

Start drawing the horizontal gridlines from top to bottom. Then draw the first vertical gridline on the left side. Change the name from '6' to 'A' by clicking on the number and continue drawing the remaining gridlines. 

Draw gridlines.gif

Figure 5. Draw the gridlines and make sure that the naming is correct.

Since we have gridlines now, it is not necessary to have the external reference visible. Go to View - Graphics - Visibility/Graphics and select the tab "Imported Categories". Uncheck the box in front of the 'System_Lines.dwg'.

turn off system lines DWG.png

Figure 6. Turn off the gridlines reference.

To get the name of the gridline on both sides of the line, select each line and check to box. 

start name on both sides gridline.gif

Figure 7. Name on both sides of the gridline.

Now the gridlines are placed in the model and visible from all plan drawings. The last thing to do is save them to the IMPACT database. Go to IMPACT - Project - Manage Gridlines. Select one line and click on 'Link'. Repeat for all lines and finish with 'Apply'.

link gridlines.png

Figure 8. Link gridlines.

All gridlines are now created and saved to the IMPACT database. Go to IMPACT Project Manager and reload the model viewer. The gridlines should appear there now as well. 

Gridlines PM.png

Figure 9. The gridlines are now visible in the IMPACT Project Manager. 

The preparation of the model is now done, and the next step is to start drawing some elements. We will start with the walls in the next chapter.

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