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When working in IMPACT for Revit, it is usually only one model that is in use. This is compared to IMPACT for AutoCAD where each plan drawing, elevation drawing, shop drawing, etc. has individual files. 

To open the Revit model, click Project files - Revit - Open

Open model.png

Figure 1. Open Revit model. 

When the file is opened, the first thing visible is the cover page. This page can later be used as a welcome page for all users working on the project, with information about the model and so on. One thing that can be noted is that the IMPACT commands are disabled for this page. The reason is that IMPACT only works for the different model views like 3D, plan, etc.

Cover page.png

Figure 2. IMPACT Commands are not activated on the cover page.

You can find all different views for the model in the project browser. To activate the IMPACT commands, start the 3D view.

open 3D view.png

Figure 3. Start a model view from the project browser to start modeling.

Take a moment to navigate between the views. You can see that all floors and external references are already prepared. The one thing that is missing is the gridlines. In the next step, we will learn how to add those. 

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