Configuration of views

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Complicated BIM project can include a lot of instances that can disturb the view. Therefore, the user has a number of abilities to configure project views, create new ones, filter out instances and adjust cut planes. Most default abilities are provided in the View Control Bar, where the user can quickly switch preview of the window, and isolate or hide elements.

Revit view control bar.png

Figure 1. Revit view control bar

Any view can be configured via “Visibility / Graphics” (shortcut “VV”). There here users can make a new preview configuration, selecting what components should be visible and changing their presentation. There is a possibility to add filters that would select out elements by the parameters set.

Visibility graphics.png

Figure 2. Control which categories that are visible in the view from the Visibility/Graphics dialog.

Also, each view includes its properties available on the Properties window.


Figure 3. Information about views and selected elements can be viewed in the Properties dialog. 

Visibility graphics

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