Add core filling

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The two slabs closest to the middle of the building got recesses that are weakening the slab end because the recess is very close to two of the cores. To add strength, we'll add some core fillings. 

corefill 1.png

Figure 1. Slabs with recesses.

corefill 2.png

Figure 2. Cores close to recess.

Go to IMPACT - Elements - Core Filling to start the command. 

Start with selecting the left slab. 

When you get the prompt to 'Pick corner points', select one point on the boundary of the slab, but outside the core that we are adding the core filling to. Note: it's important that the first point is in the border of the slab, and not inside or outside. 

fill corner points.gif

Figure 3. Pick corner points.

Depending on what points you clicked, you will get different amount of suggested cores to fill. In our case, we will only fill cores 3 and 6. Delete the other ones. 

corefill delete core.png

Figure 4. Delete suggested cores.

Change the length to 800mm. 

core fill add core.png

Figure 5. Change the length.

End the command with 'OK'.

The core fillings are now added. Do the same for the slab on the right side.

slabs with core fill.png

Figure 6. Slabs with core fillings.

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