Add lifters

Last modified by Linus Karlsson on 2024/05/28 15:16

There are two partial slabs in the building. These needs to get some lifters, since they cannot be lifted in the profile like the other full width slabs (see Figure 1). 

hc lifter.png

Figure 1. Hollow core lifted in side profiles.

lift 1.png

Figure 2. Partial slabs.

Go to IMPACT - Components - Insert/Update Lift to start the command. 

Select one of the slabs. Continue with 'Finish'.

Use the default configuration, so just click 'OK'. 
lift dialo.png
Figure 3. Insert/Update Lift dialog.

The lifts are now added to the slab. 

BYT EFTER CASE 133745 och kanske case för att sätta diagonala lyft?

lift res.png

Figure 4. 

Do the same with the other partial hollow core slab. 

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