Draw recess

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There are four recesses that needs to be added to the hollow cores. One on the left side and three on the right side. 

Go to Structure - Model - Model Lines to start the command.

Draw lines over all four recesses. 

recess - 11.png

Figure 1. Draw model lines to be used for the recesses. 

Go to IMPACT - Components - Draw Recess to start the command.

Start to add the recess no. 3 (Figure 1). Note that it is placed in between two slabs. This means that the recess needs to be added once for each slab. 

Select the option 'User Defined' and click on 'Pick Face'.

recess pick face.png

Figure 2. Pick face.

Select the top face of the left slab. If it's tricky to find the top face, just place the cursor on top of the slab and use the tab key on the keyboard until you have the top highlighted. 

recess pick top face.gif

Figure 3. Use the tab command to select the top face.

Click 'Pick Recess Lines' and select the rectangle. 

recess pick lines.png

Figure 4. Pick recess lines. 

recess 1.gif

Figure 5. Draw recess.

Select 'Cut out' and finish with 'OK'.

Recess cut out.png

Figure 6. Cut out.

The recess is added to the left slab. Repeat the steps to add it to the right slab as well. After that recess is added, continue to add recesses to 1,2, and 4 (Figure 1). End with deleting the model lines. 

recess resu.png

Figure 3. Recesses added to the hollow cores.

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