Edit hollow core

Last modified by Linus Karlsson on 2024/05/29 10:45

When we added the recesses to the two slabs closest to the middle of the building, the recess from the endcap got placed completely inside the new recess. We need to remove that recess.

recess in recess.png

Figure 1. Endcap recess in manual recess. 

Go to IMPACT - Elements - Edit Hollow Core to start the command.

Select the two hollow core slabs and continue with 'Finish'.

Go to the endcap-tab and change the left endcap from 'HC19-U2' to 'HC19-U1'.

edit 1.png
Figure 2. Change endcap.

The recesses from the endcap are now removed. 

Byt efter case 133760

edit res.png

Figure 3. Fixed hollow cores.

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