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Linked elements are all elements that cannot fit into the IMPACT element types (e.g. slabs, walls, beams), such as stairs and column foundation. 

An IMPACT definition is a combination of a Revit family (loadable family for linked elements) and different settings which together enables the IMPACT user to draw elements and at the same time get automation. 

To access the linked element definitions, go to IMPACT - Elements - Linked Elements. On the project level, there is a definition for a stair prepared for this course. Select the definition and press 'Edit'.


Figure 1. Select definition.

def 2.png

Figure 2. Linked element definition.

The linked element definitions are very simple. 

  1. Family
  2. Material
  3. Naming conventions - information about naming conventions and filtering options. 
    1. Group - a definition can be included in a group which makes it easy to filter out the beams later on e.g. the IMPACT Production applications. An example could be that we have two definitions for a slab that is 185mm thick. The difference is the cast-in material used for the lifts. This may not be important for the people in the production, but they just want to know if these two slabs are in the group 150-200mm or 200-250mm. To solve this, we can use the group parameter. 
    2. Product - another filter parameter.
    3. Prefix designation - on the drawings, there is an option to add a so-called designation that contains a prefix and the element thickness in centimeters + element height in centimeters.
      Figure 2. Designation of the element.
    4. Prefix element mark - the naming of the elements. 
    5. Prefix drawing name - sometimes, the naming of the element and drawings are not the same. In those cases, we can use this parameter to control the prefix for drawings
  4. The last information is the 'Building Information Properties' (BIP). These are used to get better information from combined models.
    Figure 3. Building Information Properties (BIP).

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