Create StruSoft Portal User

Last modified by Dennis Knudsen on 2022/08/19 15:01

Follow the steps below to create a user on the StruSoft Portal.

1) Start by opening the StruSoft Portal homepage - and click on the "User Icon" at the top right and click on Log in / Sign Up


2) This will take you to a new page where there are two options - Log in and Sign Up - Change the selection to Sign up.


3) Fill in the information, set a password and finish with "Sign Up". 

IMPORTANT: When creating a user on the StruSoft Portal is it important the used Email is corresponding with the Email that is registered in the IMPACT user admin.


4) The user will now be logged in and there will be sent a verification email to the user mail so the mail can be verified on the StruSoft Portal.


5) Click on Verify your Account and the account will be verified.


6) Before it's possible to use IMPACT is it necessary to get an API Key assigned to the user - This is something the IMPACT admin in your company needs to do.


7) Under the User profile is it possible to see what organization(s) and what access your user has - Access the profile by clicking on the "User Icon" and selecting "Profile" at the top right.


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