Customer Admin

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The customer admin role gives you access to the Customer Admin Portal. There you can:

  • View my Organizations Users
  • Add/Invite User to my Organization
  • Create new Users in Organization(real users or system users like robots etc)
  • View the organization's Web APIs
  • Register Webapi for my Organization
  • Add one or more of my Organization API keys to Users
  • Remove User from Organization

User Tables & Add/Invite Users

The "User Tables" gives an overview of what users are attached to the organization, what role the user has, and if the user is active or inactive. It's also possible to see what users have a pending invitation to the organization.


Under the "Add/Invite Users" is it possible to add existing users to the organization or invite new users to sign up. This can be done by typing in the email manually or importing a CSV file with the users. It's possible to create such a CSV file from User Admin by using the Export Email function.


If the user is "Invited to sign up" then will the user be listed under "invited Users".


When the user accepts the invitation and creates an account then will the user be moved to the user list.


If the user already has a Portal account use "Add existing User to Org" to add the user to the organization.

Add API key to Users

Each user needs to have an API Key attached to be able to work with IMPACT. This is done under "Add API key to users" where the user and API key can be selected. 


It's also possible to use the CSV file to add an API key to multiple users.


If "Invite External User" is checked then will it not be a dropdown list but possible to write an email to invite someone outside of the organization.


Create user

In this tab is it possible to create a user within the organization without having to add or invite the user to it.


NOTE! - A StruSoft account is personal and shall only be used by the one person associated with the email address. By sharing the same login credentials for multiple users, you are exposing your organization to the risk of being unable to use our services if too many failed login attempts or misuse of any kind leads to the user account being blocked by our authentication provider.StruSoft is not responsible for any losses or damages that may occur due to this. It is your responsibility to ensure that the shared credentials are kept secure and are not used inappropriately.

My Organization tab

Under "My Organization Tab" is the name and Id of the organization shown and the attached API keys for the organization.


It's possible to see what users have the specific API Key attached by clicking on the API Key.


Register Web API in my Organization

Under this tab is it possible to add an API Key to the organization.

Give the Webapi a name and click on the "Generate" to generate an API Key.

Finish with "Register Web API".


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