Programs are stuck in the StruSoft Installer even after an uninstall, what to do?

Last modified by Adam Carlson on 2024/01/03 13:00

This article will describe what to do if programs are stuck in the StruSoft Installer even if the programs are uninstalled from the computer.
First information with pictures will be presented and at the end, a video is also showing the procedure.

In the example below, "User Admin 16" is uninstalled from the computer but it is still present in the StruSoft Installer.

1. Make sure that the application is uninstalled.


2. In "Licensing & Settings", click on "Refresh apps". Check if "User Admin 16" is placed under "Not Installed" now instead of "Up To Date". If not, proceed to step 3.


3. Type "Regedit" and open the "Registry Editor".


4. Go to the following place - Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\StruSoft\IMPACT\16.0\Standard Admin.
Once the problematic program is found, right-click on it and select "Delete".




5. Go back to StruSoft Installer and click on "Refresh apps". Now "User Admin 16" should placed under "Not Installed" instead of "Up To Date".



The video below shows the same procedure.