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Server Connect is the utility that manages connections to IMPACT databases. It's required to have the application installed and running in the background. Otherwise, it's not possible to work with IMPACT. We have settings that allow the application to start with Windows and also attempt an automatic login on start. It's recommended from our side that these are turned on as they are convenient for the user. Check the figure below to see where these settings are found in the user interface.


Figure 1: Server Connect settings 

Configure a connection

A connection must be configured in order for the user to connect to IMPACT´s web services that handle database communication. If no previous connections have been configured it's recommended to edit the default configuration (1) that comes with the application. If additional connections should be configured press the plus sign (2).


Figure 2: Edit or add a configuration


To connect one must select a configuration from the drop-down list marked in the figure below.  The user will be disconnected from existing connection when switching configuration. If the automatic login fails you will be prompted for username and password. 


Check the status message marked in the figure below to verify that you're connected. 


Server connect doesn´t pop up

This may be caused by the xml file. In order to fix this, one must remove the xml file from the following search path:
...\AppData\Roaming\StruSoft\IMPACT 15\Common.

You can type in windows explorer "%appdata%" and find it 

Once this is complete, run server connect and fill in the fields again. 



Enable Server Connect log

If connection problems or other suspected problems with the program occurs, logging can be activated by using the following procedure:

1. Open the file explorer and insert %appdata%\StruSoft\IMPACT 15\Common

2. Open the configurations.xml file using a file editing tool (for example, notepad)

3. Add the following at the end of the xml after </StartWithWindows>  and before the last </Configurations>:


Explanation of the level tag:

2-Information (normal recommended production setting)

For more information about the levels see:

4. The log files are located in %appdata%\StruSoft\IMPACT 15\Common\Logs

At the moment the log creates up 5 files a 2mb each and is rolled over if the file size greater than 2 Mb (good size for email) or when the date changes.

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