IMPACT Resource Manager enables a complete overview of your project and planning resources. It also incorporates planning of cast, stack, and transport planning with element status, which allows for complete control of the progress and easy tracking of each project and/or element. Build your factory with cast units, storages, stacks and transport vehicles. 


Modules in IMPACT is designed for specific areas of use and many of them also require separate licenses to be activated. The functionality that comes with the modules is well integrated with the rest of the program. As an example, it is possible to drag and drop elements from the model view on to a bed in the cast planning module for easy and visual production planning. Any module can be activated from the Modules tab in the ribbon, shown in the image below.

Figure 1: Available modules

List of modules

Core features

Common Features

Here are some links to features that Resource Manager offers that other applications also have.

Resource Manager Access Rights

In order to be able to make changes in the Resource Manager Settings, the user must have write permission for Company Settings in User Admin/Roles, see the figure below. The table below shows the required access permissions for different functions in the Resource Manager.

Resource Manager Settings (General)Company Settings, write permission 
Resource Manager Settings (Divisions) Company Settings, write permission + Division Access in RM or Access All Divisions YES 
Resource Manager Settings (Working Calendar) Company Settings, write permission + Access All Divisions YES 
DisorderCast Planning, write permissionCreate, Edit, Delete
RM/Rejection UpdateCast Planning, write permission 
RM/Storage/Set Storage LocationAccess all divisions or the specific division


RM/Planning/ElementGrid - View time/costCost Estimation, read permissionWill display zero for time and cost if lack permissions
RM/Project tab/Cast Planning GridAccess all projects or the specific project, Cost EstimationWill display zero for time and cost if lack Cost Estimation permissions
RM/StockItems/PlanningAccess all divisions or the specific division 
RM/WorkloadAccess all divisions or the specific division 
RM/Project/ProjectSummaryCost Estimation, read permission 
RM/ProductionAccess all divisions or the specific division 
RM/ControlsAccess all divisions or the specific division for saving changes. 


  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Backstage
  • Window docking
  • Desktop alerts

Highlights - Workload, Cast Calendar, and Detailed view of cast planning


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