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Common and local levels

The common level is the top level where data in IMPACT can be stored. Information stored at this level is visible/available for all projects created in the current drawing standard.

Specific data for certain factories or branches is more suitably stored on a lower level such as the local level. Only projects that have been created under that specific factory/branch (Industrial, housing, farming etc.) can then access the data.


Covers the setting node in Standard Admin.

  • Default property visibility



Layer Standards


CIM groups


Variables in Standard Admin make it possible for the user to customize the different applications in IMPACT so it fits personal preferences. All variables, except those for IMPACT reinforcement, can be found under Common/Variables (1) in Standard Admin. Variables for IMPACT reinforcement can be found under Common/Reinforcements/Default (2) in Standard Admin. Below, the variables are categorized to make it easier to find the right one for the right purpose.  


Figure 1: Left: Location of most variables. Right: Location of variables for the Reinforcement.

Export Conversion

Production Settings


Covers the components node in Standard Admin.

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