Project manager gives you a complete insight of the project in 3D while including summaries and reports for all elements. It also incorporates scheduling of design, production, transportation, and erection, with element status, which allows for complete control of the progress and easy tracking of each individual element. There are also functions to illustrate the erection sequence of the elements from start to finish, providing better scheduling and understanding of the actual erection progress.


Modules in IMPACT are designed for specific areas of use and many of them also require separate licenses to be activated. The functionality that comes with the modules is well integrated with the rest of the program. As an example, it is possible to drag and drop elements from the model view on to a bed in the cast planning module for easy and visual production planning. Any module can be activated from the Modules tab in the ribbon, shown in the image below.

Figure 1: Available modules

List of modules

Core features

Common Features

Here are some links to features that Project Manager offers that other applications also have.

Project Manager Access Rights

Element Id Grid/Note (Edit Note)Design Data Write 

Imports & exports

The project manager has import and export functions to exchange data between different IMPACT systems. In addition, there are other features that export data from IMPACT to other formats that are readable by other applications, such as business systems. This allows the work of IMPACT to be transferred and further processed in other programs.



Working in the Project Manager

Model Viewer - using the element color filter to see which elements that are ready for production


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