Change notes

Last modified by Peter Karlsson on 2024/05/22 15:42

Service versions of IMPACT are released a few times a year. They contain bug fixes, improvements, changes to functionality, and new features. Check the change notes to see what has been changed in each application and module.

Change Notes

Documented features introduced in the latest service releases of IMPACT. 


Newest change notes

ProgramVersionRequired Service versionRequires client upgradePlanned Release DateRelease dateDatabase ChangeStruSoft Note
IMPACT GO NG Q2 Release Q2 June 10, 2024 NoNot released yet. This is a new generation off the app
IMPACT Q2 Release  NoMay 27, 2024 NoNot released yet
IMPACT Service Configuration Tool17.1.005---Apr 18, 2024No 
IMPACT Reinforcement14.0.004---Apr 12, 2024- 
IMPACT Reinforcement13.0.028---Apr 12, 2024- 
IMPACT for AutoCAD17.1.00417.1.001--Apr 04, 2024- 
IMPACT for BricsCAD17.1.00417.1.001--Apr 04, 2024-