Last modified by Peter Karlsson on 2021/09/28 12:32

IMPACT API can be used to programmtically communicate with the IMPACT database.

It's designed to handle connections between IMPACT and other systems like for example an economy system.

Instead of having double data in two different systems we can set them up to communicate in real time in an advanced way.

Practically it means that the product IMPACT API has a set of functions that can be used by a programmer to different activities with the IMPACT data such as post, get...

Example of IMPACT functionality that you can access through the API is:

  • Create an IMPACT project
  • Get detailed elementdata such as length, width, height, mass, status etc
  • Set status

The IMPACT API is a RESTful service and consist of requests and responses from an IMPACT web service.

Your application can send and receive JSON data from the IMPACT API. JSON is an open standard data format that is lightweight and human-readable, and looks like XML. When you request content from or send content to the API, the response will also be returned in JSON. 

The IMPACT API comes with an detailed documentation homepage (with a login) of the existing functions.


How to get started

  • Contact an IMPACT sales person a StruSoft to discuss the implementation of the product at your company
  • Get access to the documentation
  • Do you need help with the implementation? We can offer you services regarding that.