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Change notes

Documented features introduced in the latest service releases of IMPACT. 






IMPACT for CAD is the collective name for IMPACTs CAD modules. The CAD modules enable engineers to bring IMPACTs BIM technology inside AutoCAD or BricsCAD . 


IMPACT for Revit

IMPACT for Revit is the collective name for IMPACTs Revit modules. The Revit modules enable engineers to bring IMPACTs BIM technology inside Revit. 



Reinforcement is an AutoCAD tool with a vast array of tools relevant to reinforcement modeling.


Project Manager

A complete insight of the project in 3D while including summaries and reports for all elements.


Resource Manager

Optimize the company's resources by monitoring utilization rates and planning.


Report Tool

Report tool is a tool designed to create, maintain and print reports.


Standard Admin

Set up and manage your company's drawing standard.


User Admin

Set up and manage user accounts. Assign permissions by configuring user groups and roles.


Cost Estimation

Get a cost overview by linking time, material costs and manufacturing methods to components and elements.


Tekla Base Tools

Connects models designed in Tekla Structures with IMPACT.


Server Connect

Manages your connections to IMPACT databases. Required to have installed and running to work with other IMPACT applications.




IMPACT server- and client-side installation and configuration. 



Set up and configure a license source.

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  1. Add Hole
  2. Add Mesh Cut Area
  3. add view
  4. Annotation scale
  5. Apply a custom layer file
  6. Apply view template
  7. AutoCAD
  8. Bar mesh
  9. Barmarks...
  10. Bended mesh
  11. bl file
  12. bl-file
  13. bl.dwg
  14. box horizontal
  15. box vertical
  16. Brace
  17. brace distance
  18. Bracing
  19. bracing distance
  20. bracing placement
  21. callouts
  22. Center of gravity
  23. CG
  24. cloud
  25. Components
  26. configuration
  27. Connect bars
  28. Connect to Text group
  29. Create a custom layer file
  30. Create new sheet
  32. Curved distribution lines
  33. custom filters
  34. custom text
  35. Delete Mesh Cut Area
  36. Design
  37. Designation styles...
  38. details
  39. Dimensions
  40. Disconnect bar
  41. Disconnect from Text group
  42. Distribution Lines
  43. Draw Bar Mesh...
  44. Draw Bar...
  45. Draw Product
  46. Draw Reinforcement Group
  47. Draw Text group
  48. Edit a layer file
  49. Edit Bar Mesh...
  50. Edit Bars...
  51. Edit distribution lines
  52. Edit Mesh Cut Area...
  53. Edit Product
  54. Edit Reinforcement Group
  55. Endcap from AutoCAD to Revit
  56. Endhook
  57. Endmarks
  58. Feedback
  59. Form slab
  60. Freeze Reinforcement
  61. Freeze Reinforcement Group in Drawing View/Line-up
  62. Functions
  63. gap
  64. heights
  65. Home Text
  66. IMPACT
  67. IMPACT for AutoCAD
  68. IMPACT Library
  69. IMPACT menus are missing
  70. IMPACT Reinforcement Configuration Tool
  71. IMPACT Revit building
  72. IMPACT Revit print
  73. Import bars
  74. Import bars from different levels
  75. Installation
  76. language settings
  77. Lattice girders
  78. Layer definition
  79. Layer file
  80. Material take-off Reinforcement
  81. Maximum height
  82. Measure Edit ...
  84. Merge distribution lines
  85. Mesh
  86. Missing IMPACT tabs
  87. moln
  88. move standard
  89. Move Text
  90. MTO Reinforcement
  91. No of Bar
  92. Options
  93. Preview bar
  94. Printers
  95. Printout Schedule...
  96. Producability check
  97. Production Settings
  98. Products
  99. project level
  100. recess elevation
  101. reference
  102. reference line
  103. Reinforcement
  104. Reinforcement Configuration Tool
  105. Reinforcement Group
  106. Reinforcement Group...
  107. Reinforcement layer configuration
  108. Reinforcement settings
  109. Remove Hole
  110. Representation ends
  111. reuse settings
  112. revit
  113. Revit Formslab
  114. Revit sandwich walls
  115. Ribbon customisation
  116. Sandwich Wall
  117. Scale
  118. server
  119. Server installation
  120. Setting Definition Dynamic Settings
  121. Settings
  122. Shape codes
  123. shop drawing settings
  124. shop drawings
  125. Slabs
  126. Solid Wall
  127. split wall horizontal
  128. split wall vertical
  129. spot elevations
  130. Standard Admin
  131. Straight Bars
  132. Straight distribution lines
  133. survey level
  134. Symbols
  135. Thaw Reinforcement
  136. Thaw Reinforcement Group in Drawing View/Line-up
  137. Top reinforcement Aligned
  138. Top reinforcement Horizontal
  139. UserAdmin
  140. v15
  141. wall height from bottom
  142. Xref
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