Erection Sequence Planning and Simulation

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Through IMPACT Project Manager there is the possibility to plan your erection sequence along with the erection date of each designed element. It is fairly a simple procedure, which we will explore by using a step by step example with screenshots of IPM and an explanation of all features on the erection planning.


We have designed a simple building model in IMPACT AutoCAD for the purpose of this example. In order to accomplish that, we have created a new Project in IMPACT Project Manager and created a new floor plan on the Drawings section, where we designed the elements. After saving our structure and update our model in Project Manager, we can manipulate and discover all the features of IMPACT Production and more specifically in this case, the erection planning.


Figure 1: Simple Model in Project Manager.

If you are not an experienced user of IMPACT AutoCAD, you can always visit our YouTube webpage and select tutorial videos or webinars (in English, Swedish and Danish) out of a large amount of free material being posted and renewed on a weekly basis.

Step 1. Make sure that the Erection Planning and Simulate is selected in the Modules tab


Figure 2: Modules tab

Step 2. Select the tab Erection Planning on the bottom window in PM


Figure 3: Erection Planning

Step 3. Select your elements to plan for erection

There are 2 possibilities illustrated in Fig. 3.

Selection Order: The erection planning will be executed according to the order that the elements were selected. It is very important to make sure to select the elements with the specific order that we want them to be planned for erection, f.ex. do not select the hollow core elements before the sandwich walls.

Element Mark: If you have pre-define your element mark according to your erection section sequence, then press order by Element Mark.

In our case, we will use Order By Selection Order because we have not pre-defined our elements according to the erection sequence (this can be done in IMPACT Autocad Module).

Step 4. Add elements in the erection sequence


Figure 4: Add elements in Erection Sequence

The sequence that we followed is Sandwich Walls → Solid Walls → Hollow Core. After we are finished with adding the elements the Start number stands at 36, which means that the elements that are planned for erection are 35 because we started at 1.


Figure 5: Start Number

In order to work on the most efficient way, there is the possibility to isolate the objects that you want to select first by either double clicking on them on the Project Browser tab or by right clicking on them and then select Visibility → Isolate. The next picture shows the second way.

Step 5. Simulate Erection Sequence

Simulate tab Erection Sequence Play


As it can be seen, the speed can be manipulated during the erection sequence simulation.

Step 6. Start Production planning according to your erection sequence

It is a fact that the first element erected on the construction site is also the first element designed, approved, casted and produced by the factory and the first delivered. Therefore, by using ascending sequence on the Element Id Tab, you can start arranging rough planning by the first element that you selected to be erected on the construction site.  



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