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IMPACT Go is a supplemental application to the IMPACT suite of Structural construction software. IMPACT is a family of BIM software that provides the necessary tools for the precast concrete industry to efficiently manage, design, produce, transport and erect prefabricated concrete elements. IMPACT Mobile enables tracking of element status with detailed information. Ability to scan QR codes to update the BIM database about element status.


What are the main features of IMPACT Go?

The main features of IMPACT Go are:

  • Using QR-codes or search to add Elements, Casts, Stacks or Transports to the main list.
  • Using the added elements in the app and adding them to a storage location.
  • Searching for elements and viewing their status, setting element status.
  • Set Cast Units to status "Produced"
  • Set Transport status to "Call Off" or "Delivered"


We have compiled some useful videos describing the use of the application:

  • Search element manually, showcases:
    • App installation from the google play store
    • Login to the security server
    • Element search and element information showcase
  • Scan element label QR-code, showcases:
    • Removing elements from the app
    • Printing element labels with QR-codes from the cast module
    • Using the app to scan a QR-code
    • Setting an element to a specific storage location
  • Scan storage QR-code, showcases:
    • IMPACT Resource Manager storage location overview
    • Printing storage location labels with QR-codes from the Resource Manager
    • Set an element to a storage location using the storage location QR-code
  • Scan Delivery Note QR-code, showcases:
    • IMPACT Project Manager transport planning
    • Printing delivery note with QR-codes
    • Setting the delivered elements to delivered
    • Editing an element and adding an element issue, a disorder in this case
    • Please note that the element with the issue is indicated with a triangle, both in the app and in the transport module
  • Scan Cast Unit QR-code, showcases:
    • IMPACT Project Manager cast planning
    • Printing a cast report with a QR-code
    • Scanning the cast report QR-code with the app
    • Setting the cast to Produced with the app and verifying the status within the Project Manager cast module

Required rights in User Admin

If a current or new user is starting usage of the IMPACT Go application, it is recommended to set up a new user role in IMPACT User Admin. This can be done in a few simple steps:

  1. Start User Admin (you need to be an administrator with the right to start this program).
  2. Go into the factory where the user is active.
  3. Add a user group to User Groups by clicking the "+"-sign, set Name: Mobile, Description: IMPACT Mobile user.
  4. Add a role under Roles by clicking the "+"-sign Name: Mobile, Description: IMPACT Mobile user
  5. Set permissions for the user role according to Figure 2.


Figure 2: Permissions in User Admin


Inlogg mobil.png

Figure 3: IMPACT Go login details

Services for the mobile

The preferred setup for using IMPACT Go is to set up an https connection. This requires the Web-API and OpenId-services to be https configured. This will allow the user to use the app with any internet connection, alleviating the need for a VPN connection to the services.

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