StruSoft Portal

Last modified by Dennis Knudsen on 2022/08/19 13:19

The StruSoft Portal is a new page where the users need to have a profile to be able to use IMPACT (17 and onwards) and can be accessed at


Adding the StruSoft Portal into the mix is to improve the security of IMPACT and make sure that its future proof when it comes to security.

There are two different roles that a user can have at the portal:

Basic - This role is the role that the "Common" user of IMPACT would have and allows the user to use IMPACT.

Customer Admin - This role is for one administrator for each Organization that is responsible for the moderation of the Accounts and custom claims.

Before roles can be assigned is it necessary to create a user on the StruSoft Portal - Create StruSoft Portal User.

It's only necessary to create a StruSoft Portal User once - After the user has been created is it just necessary to log in - How to log in to the StruSoft Portal.

How to get started

Below is there a step by step guide on how to get your company and users into the StruSoft Portal - More detailed information on the steps can be found here.

1) Contact StruSoft through the Support page or contact your salesperson at StruSoft and inform them that you would like to register your company and IMPACT users on the portal.

2) StruSoft will register your company and add your IMPACT admin as a customer admin on the portal. 

3) The IMPACT Admin should make sure that all the IMPACT users have a valid E-mail attached to their IMPACT user - This E-mail will be used as the login in the Server connect. 

4) Make an E-mail export of the users that should be registered at the StruSoft Portal.

5) Invite all the users to register on the StruSoft Portal - This can be done under "Add user to organization" - "Invite new user to sign up".

6) Generate an API Key for your WebAPI and register it to your company. 

7) Add the API key to the IMPACT Service Configuration Tool 17

8) Add the API Key to all the registered portal users in your company.


9) Add external users to work with your API key.

The users should now be able to log in and work with IMPACT.