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The Reinforcement module is a stand-alone product and is among our most popular products, used all over the world. It does not require any other IMPACT software to operate. Impact Reinforcement is today working with both AutoCAD & BricsCAD and has a vast array of tools. The purpose of these tools is to facilitate the drawing of standardized rebar objects and extract meaningful data from them.

Since IMPACT Reinforcement is a stand-alone product, the data will not be saved in the IMPACT database, but in the drawing itself. The system used in AutoCAD is called definitions or styles. A known example of such a definition in AutoCAD is Designation styles. The advantage of working with definitions is that no separate definition files need to be copied with when the drawing is to be read from another computer. This means that if a user wants to add or change something, e.g. a steel quality, this needs to be done in the bl-file. The change will then apply to all new drawings that are created*, not for existing drawings. Here is a guide about the bl-file and where to find it. 

*Note regarding Project Manager. If you want to create a new shop drawing then you need to delete the currently saved template under settings in order to get the updated one. 


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