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IMPORTANT!: After the 17.0.019 Q4/2023 version is it needed to have the content of the link below added to the Sync Configuration file:

17.0.019 Q4/2023 Configuration file changes

This is only necessary if you have Sync installed and configured before the 17.0.019 Q4/2023 version - The changes will be added in the "Default Configuration file" for later installations.


The IMPACT Sync is a client console application that is used to integrate IMPACT with other ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems like MANTUM, SAP, etc.


IMPACT Sync Trigger

Normally IMPACT Sync is triggered by a scheduled task in MS Windows with a certain time interval.

Follow the instructions on this page to create a new task: IMPACT Sync Scheduled Task.

For test you can use a bat file that can be started manually as below:

Create a bat file, e.g. TransportCompanyExport_4.bat

Put the following inside the file (parameter 4 is used for transport export to transport company MANTUM):
"C:\Program Files\StruSoft\IMPACT 16\Sync\IMPACT Sync 16.0.exe" 4

IMPACT Sync Functions

Below are the functions implemented in IMPAC Sync

IMPACT Sync Function

Trigger Parameter





One file type is exported



Three file types are exported


XMLImport of prices.



One file type is exported



Creates/updates element marks based on imported xml file.



Obsolete. Used for cast planning in pallet factories.



Obsolete. Used for setting status of elements in pallet factories.



One file type is exported


 Carries out project cost calculations.



Create's project based on given xml files.



Pallet planning. Two file types are exported



Pallet planning. Sets element status to Produced.



Pallet planning. Moves unproduced elements to next working day.



Reinforcement info.



ELiPLAN file import



ELiPLAN file export
Unitechnik Pallet Planning Export23UnitechnikPallet planning export in Unitechnik format.



Transport export to transport company using StruSoft XML format.

Automatic notifications50MailSends out the automatic e-mails with changes that the Notification system is using (IMPACT 17 and never versions)
Dan Element Export51TextDan Element file Export 

IMPACT Sync Installation Check List

IMPACT Sync Configuration File

The config file must be in the directory of the IMPACT Sync application with the name IMPACT Sync XX.0.exe.config (where XX is version number, e.g. 16)


Sync 16.0.exe.config_default

The file IMPACT Sync 16.0.exe.config_default and Sync 16.0.exe.config_default_EliPLAN contain default settings just to show how it works. They are not used by the IMPACT Sync. They are updated every time the IMPACT Sync is updated.

IMPACT Sync 16.0.exe.config

The file IMPACT Sync 16.0.exe.config however is the one that is used by the IMPACT Sync.
Note that this file is not overwritten when updating the IMPACT Sync.

IMPACT Sync Config File Contents

The IMPACT Sync config-file contains the following

  • Service addresses and service logging on info (WebApi, SecurityServer, UserName, Password, SecuritySecret)

  • ProductionCompanyId for STRUSOFT should be in the this format 1XXX

  • Destination directory and FTP logging on info (TransportCompanyDirectory, FtpUserName, FtpPassword)

  • CompanyIdentifier used in the XML element RegisteredByCompanyIdentifier

UseProjectInvoiceFactory if UseProjectInvoiceFactory is set to “YES”, 2 XML-elements are added to the Consignee element: ProjectManager, ProjectInvoiceFactory.Source of ProjectManager, ProjectInvoiceFactory is PM/Project properties (Description & Checked By) see the figure below.

Here is an example of the config file (IMPACT Sync 15.0.exe.config):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>



   <!-- WebApi Address -->

   <add key="WebApi" value="http://localhost:81/STRUSOFTWebApi15/" />

   <!-- Security -->

   <add key="SecurityServer" value="http://localhost:81/STRUSOFTOpenIdServer15/" />

   <add key="UserName" value="xxxxx" />

   <add key="Password" value="yyyyyyy" />

   <!-- Sync Secret -->

   <add key="SecuritySecret" value="zzzzzz" />

   <!-- Production Company Id, Skanska:1XXX, STRUSOFT:1XXX  -->

   <add key="ProductionCompanyId" value="1XXX" />

   <!-- Transport Export to transport company (DHL, TRANSPORTCOMPANY, ...) -->

   <!-- Destination directory, Eg: "C:\IMPACT\" or "" -->

   <add key="TransportCompanyDirectory" value="" />

   <!-- <add key="TransportCompanyDirectory" value="C:\IMPACT\StruSoft\TransportCompanyDelivery\Out" /> -->

   <add key="FtpUserName" value="STRUSOFTPrefabTestUser" />

   <add key="FtpPassword" value="STRUSOFTPrefab69741!" />

   <add key="CompanyIdentifier" value="STRUSOFTPREFABAB"/>

   <!-- UseProjectInvoiceFactory set to yes if you want ProjectManager and ProjectInvoiceFactory to added to Consignee element.  -->

   <add key="UseProjectInvoiceFactory" value="NO" />

   <!-- UseVehicleName: set to yes if you want to append vehicle name defined in Recoure Manager/Settings/Transport Vehicles to PickUpInstructions after second comma   -->

   <!-- <PickUpInstructions>Lass nr 9, , Bygel 27 ton.TS</PickUpInstructions> -->

   <add key="UseVehicleName" value="YES" />

   <add key="FreightProductExternalCommunicationId" value="7301" />

   <!-- Cost calculation filter: Limit calculation to certain standard(s) and project(s)   -->

   <add key="CostCalcFactory" value="" />

   <add key="CostCalcProjectPrefix" value="P330" />

IMPACT Sync Monitoring

In the program Resource Manager/Setting/Message Log you can follow the IMPACT Sync functions triggered with different log info like errors, warnings or just information.

You also see the IMPACT Sync and WebApi versions used when starting a function.


Log File

The IMPACT Sync uses the log file defined in the config file. If nothing is defined then impact_sync_log.txt is used.

    <!-- Logfile  name  -->
    <add key="LOGFILENAME" value="IMPACT_sync_log.txt"/>

The file is saved under .\AppData\Roaming\StruSoft\IMPACT 15\Sync

To find the AppData directory, search for %AppData% in the Windows Explorer, see the figure below. Note that this directory is used for the currently logged on user of OS (Windows)!


IMPACT Sync logs information about the called function and version number.

Information is written to this file when communication with the service cannot be established due to missing critical data in the config file or any raised exception that cannot be written to the database..

Please note that the file is created automatically if it doesn't exist and information is continuously appended it.
The file may grow big after some time, so it is recommended to empty/move it another directory to boost system performance

Changes to the configuration to use IMPACT Sync 17

Nb! The Password for the account below can't include any special signs like % / etc as the file is read as special characters in the XML language and this file is an xml file. 

In the Sync config file (IMPACT Sync 17.0.exe.config)


<add key="SecurityServer" value="http://localhost:81/ImpactOpenIdServer16/"/>


<add key="UserName" value="impactsync"/>

<add key="UserMail" value=""/>

<add key="Password" value="*****"/>

UserMail and Password is for a user that is created in StruSoft Portal.


You can't use &$*% in the password as they will make the XML to be corrupt. 

In IMPACT User admin

Nb! The user for the IMPACT Sync must also be created in IMPACT User Admin as a System Administrator.