Report Tool is designed to create, maintain, and print reports. All reports are highly customizable so you can set it up to only include the data that is relevant for your business. Report Tool uses MS (Microsoft) Excel and outputs reports in the .xls or .xlsx format (depending on the template file), which means it is required to have MS Excel installed, or it will not possible to print a report.

Printing reports from IMPACT requires Microsoft Excel.

Core features

  • Settings

    • Templates
    • Wide Tables
    • X-fields
  • Reports

    • Printing from Report Tool
    • Selections
    • Difference reports
  • Finding Templates

    • Updating templates in the project folder
    • Opening templates in the project folder
    • Pictures

Company-specific report settings

Each company in an IMPACT database can have independent report settings.

Company settings should be configured in the application. These settings are categorized into template and properties and to access them one must first go to the settings tab and then select the company node, as shown in the image below. 


Figure 1: Company settings

To change the company, select the company node in the tree structure below the settings tab and right-click to bring up the context menu. There is an option to change the company in that context menu, as shown in the image below.


Figure 2: Change company

Report Tool Access Rights

In order to be able to make changes in the Report Tool, the user must have write permission for Report Settings in User Admin/Roles.

Report types

In the table below, the different report types featured by the report tool is presented. Take note of the Design/Production column, pure production reports are not available for design suite users from the report tool.

NameType nameNr.Key ItemDesign / Production


1 Design
HoleSpec2 Design / Production


3 Production
CastCastPlanning4 Production
TableOfElements5 Design
Planning6 Design
TableOfDrawings7 Design
CimSpec8 Design / Production

Cast-In Material Difference

QuoteCiMs9 Design
RcSpec10 Design / Production
QuoteRc11 Design
TableOfElementsSum12 Design
RcBendSchedule13 Design / Production
RcBendScheduleSum14 Design / Production

Packing List

PackingList15 Design

Cost Estimation

CostEstimation21 Production

Rejected Elements

RejectedElements22 Production

Disorder Issue

DisorderElements23 Production

Production Control

ProductionControl24 Production

Inventory Project

ProductionProject25 Production

Inventory Element Mark

InventoryStockItems26 Production

Inventory Element Id

InventoryElementId27 Production
ElementLabel28 Production

Cast Order

CastOrder29 Production

Planned Production

PlannedProduction30 Production

Cast-In Material Summary

CimSpecSum31 Design / Production
Detailed hole specification summary reportDetailedHoleSpecSum32 Design
Detailed hole specificationDetailed Hole Specification33 Design
RcSpecSum41 Design / Production
DoubleWallSummary42 Design
FormSlabSum43 Design

Stack Label

TransportStackLabel44 Production

Transport Overview

TransportLabel45 Production

Transport Overview

TransportOverview46 Production

Storage Label

StorageLabel47 Production

Stock Item Label

StockItemsLabel48 Production

Cast Calendar

CastCalendar49 Production

Compact Transport


50 Production

Production Progress

ProductionProgress51 Production
Stack planning  52 Production
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