Transport Planning

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Stacks and transports are project centered entities, therefore, they must be created from the Project Manager. However, stacks and transports can be edited and elements can be added using the Resource Manager.

The Transport Planning module is where transports are planned and monitored. Transport planning does not require the use of stacks before planning the elements on transport. However, stacking elements before loading them onto a transport can have definite benefits in many cases.

Figure 1 depicts the layout of the Transport Planning module. Please note that planning is factory specific. 


Figure 1, The Transport Planning module


The example here is a simple building (figure 2) and in this example, we will see how the walls can be planned for transport.


Figure 2, Stack planning and the Model view from the Project Manager, especially take note of the Auto transport and selected fields 

The walls have been planned in a specific erection order, therefore, we will add them to the transport in the reversed erection sequence. When the transport arrives at the construction site, the walls can be picked up by the crane and directly onto the site.

Clicking the Auto Transport icon while selecting the elements that are to be planned for transport, the Auto Transport window appears, see figure 3


Figure 3, The Auto Transport window

After pressing the start, the wall elements are planned onto two transport trailers. In this case, the trailer template name is Walls. Opening the specific project in the Project Manager model viewer will also visualize the trailers in the model, please see figure 4.


Figure 4, Transport Planning - Two trailers loaded, corresponding transport colors showing in both the transport module and the model viewer

Transport Status

The status of transport is a very useful feature, the status describes where the transport is in terms of:

  • Preliminary
  • Planned
  • Call-Off
  • On Waybill
  • Delivered

A change in status can be made by right-clicking the transport and selecting the wanted status change, please see figure 5:


Figure 5, Transport Module - Set Status


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