IMPACT Go - Troubleshooting

Last modified by superadmin on 2023/08/23 15:46

Login Trouble

  • The secret might be different from the desktop, the mobile secret is set in Service Configuration.
  • When using VPN and scanning the QR code from Server Connect, the QR code might contain an incorrect IP address.
  • The security server needs to have the same time set as your phone (same timezone).
  • The start of the URL seems to need to be in lower case letters. 1605706776411-520.png
  • The end of the URL is case sensitive. 1605706838676-340.png
  • You may need to open the port that the security server and web service uses.
  • Make sure you have the correct permissions, look here to see which permissions are required.
  • Check if you have the required Service version installed, check here to see which version is required.