Stack Planning

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Stacks and transports are project centered entities, therefore, they must be created from the Project Manager. However, stacks and transports can be edited and elements can be added using the Resource Manager.

The Stack Planning module enables the user to define how the elements are to be stacked. The elements may be stacked either on a:

  • Stack
    • A free stack that needs no previous settings
  • Predefined Stack, referred to as a Stack Template (recommended)
    • A stack that is set up in the Resource Manager settings

The basic idea behind the stack module is to enable the user to stack their elements so that these stacks can be prepared to be loaded onto a truck.

The layout of the Stack Planning Module is seen in figure 1:


Figure 1, Stack Planning

Each individual stack has a stack id number and a specific color that is set upon creation. 

Stack Planning Access Rights

Auto StackAccess all divisions or the specific division 
Add ElementsAccess all divisions or specific division 
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