How to add QR-code to shop drawings

Last modified by superadmin on 2021/12/27 10:20

Do you want to add QR-codes to your shop drawing?

Here is a step by step guide on how to do that.

Standard Admin

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you have 2 variables in your Standard (listed below).

Start by opening your Standard Admin, usually, the variables are placed under Local but it can also be under Common.


Take a look at both places to see if you have the following variables



If these variables are not present in your standard, go ahead and add them.

Add them under Local -> Variables

That is done by pressing the plus in the upper right corner.


When you press the plus button a new line will appear at the bottom, select that one and mark the text and paste one of the variables you want to add to the standard.


Here are the values for the 2 variables



NOTE, that the value for the code content has to be in this particular order for Impact Go to read it.

Save the changes and you can close the Standard Admin.


I would suggest that you make a test project if you want you can also do this on existing projects but the changes will only affect new drawings from a new template from the standard.

Open a shop drawing, select the Base tab.
In the Base tab, you have a small icon called Drawing Views, press the small arrow next to the button


Select Drawing Views and then press show


Now you can see all the drawing views in the shop drawing, like this


Now you do the same but instead of pressing show, press add


A popup window will appear, in the drop-down menu select View 32 and place somewhere in the drawing.


Now you go to the first layout in the shop drawing

To add a new viewport you go up in the menu and select New viewport.


Draw the viewport where you would like to place the QR-code

When you have drawn the viewport a window will pop up, select view 32, and mark scale to fit, and press ok.


Sometimes all viewports will go empty after you press ok except the one that you just made, don't worry just select the model and then the layout again and all is fine again.

This how my drawing looks like now with the newly added viewport for the QR-code


Note that the QR-code does not shop on the DWG file. it only appears on the printed drawing.

The next thing we need to do is to save the newly added info to a template in the standard.

To save all of our work we press the button layouts


Right-click in the gray area and select Copy to common templates


And then press Yes to all and OK

If you want to add QR-code to all your elements then you have to do this to each template you have.

Now you are ready to Print drawings with QR-codes.

Like I mentioned before, this is only for new drawings made with the new template.

Project Manager

Now we move to the Project Manager to print the drawings.

Find the drawings in the project manager you want to print, right-click, and select Plot.


In the Plot drawings dialog box, I would advise you to make a template.

If you want to get the QR-code on the drawings you have to select Plot Element Ids, shown in the picture below.


And the last thing is to press plot.