Unitechnik - GEO files

Last modified by Adam Carlson on 2023/08/23 15:44

GEO files

GEO files can be used to customize how the cast in materials look in the Unitechnik exports made from IMPACT.

The file is placed in the same directory as the dwg symbol for the cast in material.
These symbols are inserted into the insertion point and rotated according to the manufacturing drawing.
The files can be advantageously created in a text editor and then renamed to have the file extension .geo.

Keep in mind that the geo files should draw what the plotter should mark in the form.
It is, therefore, a simplification of the cast in material. Like shown below in figure 1.


Figure 1: A geo file with the geometry of a square. 

Read more in this extract from the Unitechnik manual that describes the format.


This example uses a cast in material named 0291. The DWG block for the CIM is linked along with its corresponding GEO file in the list below. The GEO file has a geometry of a square with equally long sides (30), centered around the origin (which is the same as the insertion point). It will act as a representation for the cast in material in the Unitechnik export.   

Figure 2: Geometry of a double wall displayed in a viewer