Lattice girder

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User defined families for lattice girder

In IMPACT Revit, it is already possible to use the lattice girders for Double walls and for Form slabs. 

There are situations where users want to use their own lattice girder families in the lattice girder command. We introduce a new feature in IMPACT Revit which makes it possible for the users to work with their own lattice girder families.

User defined lattice girder.png

Fig 1 - User defined option in lattice girder definition

When working with user defined families and in order to be able to fill the values when loading a user defined family in the definition, it is important that the lattice girder family created by user contains the following parameters: 

DataRevit Parameter namesExample value
HeightIMPACT Lattice Girder Height200
WidthIMPACT Lattice Girder Width50
Spacing diagonalIMPACT Lattice Girder Spacing Diagonal300
Dimension topIMPACT Lattice Girder Top Diameter10
Dimension bottomIMPACT Lattice Girder Bottom Diameter10
Dimension diagonalIMPACT Lattice Girder Diagonal Diameter8
MassIMPACT Lattice Girder Mass0.35
Length intervalIMPACT Lattice Girder Length Interval50
TypeIMPACT Lattice Girder Type'Simple' or 'Double'
Minimum length IMPACT Lattice Girder Minimum Length300
Maximum lengthIMPACT Lattice Girder Maximum Length6000


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