Draw Double Wall

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Draw Double Wall

In order to draw a Double Wall, go to the IMPACT tab -> Draw Double Wall command. A window will pop up, where the user must select between the following drawing properties: 

Current selection: Choose between Double Wall definitions placed on a Common, Local or Project level. 

Definition: Select a Double Wall definition from the selected Common, Local or Project level.

Vertical gap: Shows how many millimeters gap will be inserted between the Double walls when drawing multiple elements at once. The dynamic preview will display the value written by the user. See longer down in the article, where it is explained how to make default vertical gap settings. 

Priority: Switch between Option 1 and Option 2 in order to preview the corner priority possibilities. The dynamic preview will display the chosen priority.


Figure 1. Draw Double wall command. 

Default vertical gap settings

It is possible to select a default vertical gap setting in IMPACT Project Properties, which will be displayed when drawing Double Walls in a new IMPACT project.  

Open the IMPACT project in IMPACT Project Manager and go to Project Properties. Find the Double wall section in the Walls tab. Once the user puts a value in the Default Wall gap setting, IMPACT Revit will always show the default value when starting up the drawing process in a new IMPACT project.

If the user changes the Vertical gap value in Draw Double Wall command, IMPACT Revit will remember and show the last used value when activating Draw Double wall command again. 


Figure 2. Default wall gap settings in Project Properties. 

Direction Profile

When drawing a double-wall, an arrow pointing to one direction will be inserted accordingly. This arrow is used to identify Wall Panel 1 and the spanning direction of the wall. Arrow will be visible both in 2D and 3D views.

Direction Arrow design can be changed, you can find more information here.


Figure 3. Direction arrow in 2D and 3D view of the Double-wall.

This setting can be triggered in the "Project Settings" functions window under "Direction Profile" section and is called "Visible in Project"


Figure 4. "Visible in Project" setting in the Project Settings function window.

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