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IMPACT Revit version 15.0.015

Draw by Pick floor

Draw Slab is a function in IMPACT Revit that allows the user to draw Slab element. The user has five different options to draw Slab: Pick Floor, Pick Model Lines, Draw Rectangle, Pick Point in Closed Area and Pick Points. The Slab functions can be found in IMPACT tab - Elements, under the Draw slab menu. 

IMPACT TAB+Draw slab.png

The Draw Slab function by Pick Floor gives to the user the possibility to divide the Revit floors in zones. This function is particularly used for floors which have different shape than rectangle. It also gives to the user full control of the wished Slab spans in each divided zone. The Draw Slab function by Pick Floor has three different options: Pick Zone, Mark zone - Pick Lines and Delete zones. These three options can be found in Select boundary under the Pick Floor falling menu.  

Pick floor options.png

To use the Draw Slab function by Pick floor follow the steps described below:

1. The first step is to define the zones where the user wants to insert the Slabs. To define the zones, the user must select Model Lines from the Architecture tab. 

model lines.png

2. The next step is to create the zones where the user wants to draw the Slab. To create the zones, go to Draw Slab menu under Elements tab and open the Draw slab menu window. In the Draw slab menu window go to Select boundary and select Mark zones - Pick Lines under the Pick Floor falling menu. 

Step 2.png

3. Select the floor to insert the Slabs and then the recently drawn model lines to complete the creation of the zone.   

WIKI - zone creation proccess.gif

4. If the user wants to delete a zone, open Draw Slab window from IMPACT tab, then go to Select boundary and select Delete zones.

WIKI - Delete zones.png

5.Select the floor and then the Model Line which corresponds to the zone that is going to be deleted and press Finish.

WIKI - delete zones.gif

6. Now the user is ready to draw the Slabs in the recently created zones. To draw Slabs in a specific zone, go to Select Boundary and click on Pick Zone. 

WIKI - Pick zone.png

7. Select the floor, click on the zone where to insert the Slabs, and then select the Slab type and width. Now the user has the possibility to control the Slab span by pressing on Select Direction. After selecting the direction, the slabs are inserted by pressing on OK. 

WIKI - Insert slab and direction.gif

WIKI - 3d slab.png