Element Group

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Element Group in the Shop Drawing

Element Group value can be previewed in the IMPACT shop drawing.  

Element Group value is either read from the IMPACT Group parameter in the element family (Beams, Columns, Hollow cores and Linked) or from the element definition (Walls, Slabs & Form slabs). See more under IMPACT Group parameter in IMPACT Element parameters article. 

Here is how to add the Element Group parameter in the shop drawing title block in three steps: 

1. Open the title block family in the shop drawing. Create a label called Element Group and press on Edit. 

element group in the shop drawing.jpg

Figure 1 - Element Group label in the shop drawing head.  

2. Add a shared parameter, called Element Group from the list with shared parameters and press on Apply. 

element group in the shop drawing_02.jpg

Figure 2 - Edit Element Group label. 

3. If the Element Group parameter is not available, you can load it from the list, as shown on the picture below. 

element group in the shop drawing_03.jpg

Figure 3 - Add Element Group shared parameter. 

Next time a shop drawing is generated, the Element Group will be displayed in the drawing head. See the example below. 

element group in the shop drawing_04.jpg

Figure 4 - Element Group value is displayed in the shop drawing. 


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