Link Revit file to IMPACT project

Last modified by superadmin on 2021/08/30 13:09

Steps for linking Revit file to IMPACT Project

If the IMPACT project already exists in the database, it is possible to link the Revit file to an existing IMPACT project.

1. Open the Revit file, which needs to be linked.

2. Go to IMPACT tab and choose Link Project function, as shown below. 

link project01.jpg

Figure 1. Link Project command in IMPACT.

3. A window appears, which displays all IMPACT projects in selected IMPACT standard. The user is able to select different Common standard in Company dropdown and  Local under Standard dropdown.   

4. Find the name of the project you want this file to be linked with and press on OK. 

link project.jpg

Figure 2. Link Project window in IMPACT. 

Your Revit file will be successfully linked to the selected IMPACT project. You will know that the linking is done when the functions under IMPACT tab becomes active. 

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