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Link Gridlines

Gridlines from the Revit model can be linked to the IMPACT project. The database will record the gridline's name and location. Moreover, the user can see the linked Gridlines in the IMPACT Project Manager.

NEW: In IMPACT 16 the user has a possibility to link gridlines from multiple Revit models in the same IMPACT project. This new functionality is extremely useful when there are several Revit models, linked to the IMPACT project. 

In order to link the gridlines, go to IMPACT -> Manage Gridlines -> Select the gridline -> press on Link - > Apply. Refer to the picture below. The gridline name and location Origin X and Origin Y will be recorded in the database. 


Figure 1. Link Gridlines in IMPACT Revit.  

Unlink Gridlines

In order to unlink the gridlines, open Manage Gridlines window. Select the gridline and press on Unlink. The gridline name and location will be removed from the database. 

Note that, Manage Gridlines window shows gridlines from one Revit model at a time. This is important to notice if you have several Revit models linked to the IMPACT project. 


Figure 2. Unlink Gridlines. 


Gridlines have been moved in the Revit model 

If the user opens Manage Gridlines functionality and see the warning displayed below, it means that the gridlines hav been moved in the Revit model since the first time they have been linked. IMPACT compares Origin X and Origin Y value of the grids every time the user opens Manage Gridlines window. The length of the gridline is not compared as it can be adjusted quite often during the modeling process. 

If the moving of the gridline was intentional, then the user can press on Apply to update the grid placement in the database.  

If the moving of the gridline was a mistake, then the user must close the Manage Gridlines window by pressing on Close button and move the gridline back in the correct place in the Revit model. Next time the user opens the Manage Gridlines window, the grid will appear in black if the current placement of the gridline in the Revit model corresponds to the recorded placement of the gridline in the database when the gridline was first linked. 


Figure 3. Warning when gridlines have been moved in the Revit model. 

Preview the Gridlines in Project Manager

Once you link the gridlines, press on Reload Model in IMPACT Project Manager. The gridlines will be visible in the Model View.

If you still can not see the gridlines in Project Manager, remember to activate the Grid Lines preview in View tab. Refer to the picture below. 

In IMPACT 16 there is a possibility to link gridlines from several Revit models to one IMPACT project. In IMPACT Project Manager, the user can find a preview of all gridlines that are linked to the IMPACT project from all linked Revit files. 


Figure 4. Preview the gridlines in IMPACT Project Manager. 


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