Show Center of Gravity

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Show / Delete Center of Gravity command

Precast designers have now the possibility to preview the Center of Gravity for individual elements as well as its dimensions in X, Y, and Z directions in the Revit model. This functionality makes it easier for a designer to show and delete the Center of Gravity while designing an element, without having to generate a precast shop drawing. 


Figure 1: Show/Delete Center of Gravity command can be found in the IMPACT tab in Revit. 

Beams, Columns, Slabs, Form slabs, and Linked elements

When the user selects one or more elements and activates the Show Center of Gravity command, a Revit family that indicates the Center of Gravity placement is inserted in the element. The functionality is implemented for 3D, Elevation, Section, and Plan views in the Revit model. The Center of Gravity and its dimensions are automatically shown for Beams, Columns, Slabs, Form Slabs, and Linked elements. There is no need to save the element in advance. 


Figure 2: Center of Gravity shown for a Beam element. 

Figure 3 below displays a stair precast element, saved as a Linked element in the IMPACT database. The Center of Gravity is previewed in the Revit model, together with the dimensions in X(point 1), Y (point 2), and Z (point 3) directions according to the outer geometry of the element. 


Figure 3: Center of Gravity shown for a Linked element.  

Wall elements

For wall precast elements with more than one layer, a dialog box will be shown with three options for the user to choose from. In the example below, the Center of Gravity is previewed for a Sandwich element with three layers. The user has the possibility to choose whether IMPACT should preview the Center of Gravity for the entire element or just for the Inner/Outer pannel. 


Figure 4: Center of Gravity command for Wall elements with more than one layer. For example Sandwich elements. 


Figure 5: Center of Gravity shown for a Sandwich element. 

Once the Center of Gravity indication is no longer needed, the designer can press on Delete Center of Gravity in order to remove the Center of Gravity family from the element. 


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