Setting up Printers

Last modified by Linus Karlsson on 2022/02/16 11:11


To successfully Set up Printers and be able to print in Revit, make sure that the following tasks are performed:

  • Service Configuration, Server Connect and other applications are up to date
  • Printers are installed (physical printing)
  • PDFCreator Installed (for PDF creation)
  • If a shared server is used, Administrator has created Users and User Divisions.

NB: If a shared server is used, Administrator is responsible for creating Users on User Admin and adding Printers or PDF writers in User Division.

If the local database is used, the user can self-perform all the steps below (as there are no restrictions) 

Revit PDF Creator (Revit 2022 and later)

In Revit 2022, there is an internal PDF Creator that can be used for generating PDFs from IMPACT for Revit. To use it, make sure that Revit 2022 is installed, and follow the steps in the "Set-up User Admin" below.

Install PDF Creator (Revit versions before 2022)

For making PDFs, IMPACT Revit uses a free of charge PDFCreator, that can be downloaded online:

Download and Install the software on a local PC.

Set-up User Admin

IMPACT Revit uses Printer settings made in UserAdmin. Thus, prior parameters need to be updated in the UserAdmin. 

1. Under a Company's Project tree, Select "Users" and select the user, check User group and Division settings

2018-11-08 09_11_13-IMPACT User Admin.png

2. Next, Open User Divisions: Check if previously assigned Division is created. 

Click on that Division, and add Printers at the bottom part of the Window:

3. Add Printer to Division selected by clicking on "+".

To add the Printer, the precise Software or Printer's name should be used (For further help, see Step 4). If you are using the internal PDF printer from Revit 2022 or later, the printer name should be ´Revit PDF Creator´ and type should be ´PDF Writer´.

2018-11-08 09_14_46-IMPACT User Admin.png

There are three types of options to be applied for the Printer:


PDF WriterMakes a PDF format of selected Drawing
DWF WriterExports a Drawing in DWF format
PlotterA physical printer sends a drawing straight to the printer

4. Find Printer's name in the system by opening Printer&Scanners in OS (Operating System). Click on "Manage" and Open "Printer Properties" where the title of the printer can be copied. 

Paste the Title at the Name section under "User Divisions"


The plotters/printers are now set. Proceed to the Project Manager or IMPACT Revit to print drawings out.