Parametric Endcap

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Parametric endcap

The parametric endcap is a component within IMPACT Revit walls. Parametric endcaps are created for wall elements where parametric values correspond. The user can customize the parametric endcap and apply it to multiple wall elements with the same general shape and thickness. Parametric endcaps are created in a family where the user defines, which geometry parameters could be modified when applying to the wall. 

Create parametric endcap

1.The first step is to open your desired IMPACT Revit project and then use a function "Draw Parametric Endcap" located in IMPACT > Components > Draw Parametric Endcap.


Figure 1. Draw Parametric Endcap location in IMPACT Revit.  

2. In the next dialogue you will be asked to fulfil the necessary information: name of the endcap, description and its saving location.


Figure 2. Draw Parametric Endcap follow-up dialogue window.

3.From the Create view choose the line tool and draw the geometry for your parametric endcap.

third video.gif

Figure 3. Drawing Parametric Endcap geometry in Revit.

4.By using the align tool pin the previously drawn lines, which are forming the geometry. The lines will be locked to the reference planes.

Note: If needed, create new reference plane lines by right-clicking on an existing reference plane and selecting Create Similar command.

fourth video.gif

Figure 4. Constraining Parametric Endcap geometry in Revit.

5.Place dimensions for your geometry using the Aligned Dimension tool. Label the dimensions by using the Label tool, first select the dimension and then Label tool will be accessible. In the Parametric Properties specify a name for the dimension in the Name field and selecting Instance option. To finalize the command press on OK.

2019-01-08 15_00_40-Window.png

Figure 5. Creating Parametric Endcap geometry parameters.

6.Save the file and go to IMPACT > Components > Parametric Endcap.


Figure 6. Parametric Endcap function location in IMPACT Revit.  

7. Pick the geometry of your endcap, press on the Finish and then on Ok to finalize the command.

fifth .gif

Figure 7. Saving Parametric Endcap geometry in IMPACT.

The new parametric family is now ready to be applied on any wall elements with the same general shape and thickness.

Customize parametric endcap

Now that Parametric Endcap is created, we can customize it according to your wall parameters.

1. Select the Wall you want to apply Parametric Endcap to.

2. Use the function "Edit Wall" located in IMPACT > Components > Edit Wall.


Figure 8. Edit Wall function location in IMPACT Revit.

3. Go to Endcaps tab and select your created endcap on the side you want to apply it to, click "three dots" button and you will find Parametric Endcap customization window.


Figure 9. Customizing Parametric Endcap Parameters in IMPACT Revit.

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