Add details as callouts / corner markers

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Add details as callouts/corner markers

Many prefabrication drawings require additional information, especially regarding endcaps, CIM insertion or layer explanation. This tool can be simply used to make detail drawings with detailed explanation. In this chapter, also additional feature as Corner markers will be explained. 


Detail (Callout) - enlarged, specific area dependant on parent view (could be elevation view)

Corner marker - A marker which specifies an area for which detail view is dependent

To add details and corner markers:

1. Open shop drawing template.

Choose parent view, that detail should be created from - double click to active it. 

In Revit functions tab "View", go to Callouts and by using "Rectangular" function, snip a detail on the parent view. Like shown below:


After finishing this detail, Detail view will appear in Project browser with a title "Detail 0". It can be freely renamed, e.g. "Detail A"

2. Add detail view to shop drawing view list  and find its placing on the sheet:


3. Before finishing up settings for instance above, please load "Face Marker" family to the template from your Standard (annotations) folder. This can be simply done by dragging the family to the Template. 

Now Shop drawing settings can be configured.


a) Detail view configuration: 

In general Dimensioning settings configure measurements, scale and position can be set as well. More Detail settings can be found by clicking "Callout Properties". Here callout size can be set with an offset if needed. Remember writing Corner marker, which will be used to show the origin of the detail.

IMPORTANT: As detail is a dependent-view, it is important to note, that positioning of the detail is also dependant on that parent view.  That means, if Column is rotated in a horizontal position, detail location is not TOP, the origin should follow "LEFT" by the parent view. 


b) Setting corner marker: 

Go to the view in the settings for which one location of the detail should be indicated. For example, Elevation Front. There a setting for corner marker should be created like:


Figure 2: Corner markers and detail views of corners