Change the visibility depend on outer/inner panel schedule

Last modified by Linus Karlsson on 2023/06/15 11:17

Change the visibility depend on outer/inner panel schedule

IMPACT Host is a new parameter that needs to be added for rebar, mesh and generic model families. When saving elements this parameters will be filled in automatically. IMPACT Host parameter can be used for CIM schedules as well as Reinforcement schedules. ( See attached picture for example). There is also a possibility to make this field hidden if so desired. This feature is applicable to sandwich Walls, Insulated Walls and Double Walls. The IMPACT Host parameter can either be "Outer" + "Inner" panel or empty. This feature should be used in new project since we have added new parameters on new project model. An update of users Shop Drawing Template is required in order to use the feature. Please see attached video and images for more details.

How this feature works

We have added the new IMPACT Host parameter. It is shown both for Inner panel as well as Outer panel.

In this video the process how to adjust the IMAPCT Host parameter is shown.

2023-05-25 08_34_02-Window.png

When we want to make the IMPACT Host parameter hidden then we could click on "Hidden filed" in the Formatting tab in Schedule Properties. There will still be values added but since we have chosen "Hidden filed"  we will not be able to see this parameter in the schedule . 


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