Manage Shop drawing templates

Last modified by Catalin Turluc on 2023/12/06 14:30

Manage Shop drawing templates

In IMPACT 17 for Revit we added a new functionality which allows the users to manage the Shop drawing templates from different Standard levels. 

Manage Shop drawings in IMPACT.png

Figure 1 - Manage Shop drawing templates in IMPACT Revit

It is now possible to import, export, rename, delete, edit, and copy the Shop drawing templates from Common, Local and Project level. It is basically the same functionality as for the other definitions in IMPACT for Revit. 

Shop drawing templates dialogue window.png

Figure 2 - Manage Shop drawing templates dialogue window

Description of Shop Drawing templates

To have a better overview of the Shop Drawing templates when managing them, it is now possible to add a description in the Manage Shop drawing Templates dialogue window and also in the General tab from Shop drawing template settings. 

Description in Manage Shop drawing dialogue window.png

Figure 3 - Description in Manage Shop Drawing Templates dialogue window

Description in general tab.png

Figure 2 - Description in General tab from Shop drawing template settings